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Raritan's MasterConsole Digital KVM Switch
The latest innovation to Raritan's KVM switch product line is the MasterConsole Digital KVM Switch (MCD) and LED Console Drawer (MCD-LED). MCD supports the latest in HD video resolution up to 1920x1080 via standard Category 5/6/6e cabling.     
Featured Products
  1. WARMCCAT18/24A-2
    Raritan 2-Year Extended Warranty for MCCAT18 (24x7) WARMCAT18-24A-2
    Discount Price $106.40 Regular Price $112.00
  2. WARMCCAT116/24A-1
    Raritan I-Year Extended Warranty for MCCAT116 (24x7) WARMCCAT116/24A-1
    Discount Price $114.00 Regular Price $120.00
  3. WARMCCAT116/24A-2
    Raritan 2 Year Extended Warranty for MCCAT116 (24x7) WARMCCAT116-24A-2
    Discount Price $142.50 Regular Price $150.00
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