ALL-VAC Verti-Lifter StandUp Floor Tile Puller 27 in length with dual 5 in cup

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Verti-Lifter StandUp Floor Tile Puller 27" length with dual 5" cup

For persons under 5'9" in height

Mfg # A6555-27


For some people, bending over or kneeling down to lift floor tiles causes back or arm strain. So with the assistance of an Ergonomist, All-Vac designed the Verti-Lifter™ StandUp Floor Tile Puller™. The Verti-Lifter is finely designed to be lightweight, simple to use and portable, while still being rugged. You will find that this long handle access floor tile lifter makes repeated lifting of raised floor tile panels fast, easy, and safe. 

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