Raritan HW, SW & License for 300 Devices + 1 Year Support + 2 Year Hardware Warranty

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HW, SW & License for 300 Devices + 1 Year Support + 2 Year Hardware Warranty

Mfg # - PWIQ300-E1

Power IQ is data center power management software that automates secure power monitoring and control of your equipment. Its easy-to-use scheduling feature allows you to control power to device groups at set times. It provides powerful analytics – such as active power level, energy consumption, customer costs, environmental readings, line capacities and carbon footprint – in minutes. Plus trending and cumulative total reports are available at any level including building, floor, room, rack, customer and IT device.

Devices equal a monitored IP address. For example, a single Dominion PX equals one device or a single APC PDU equals one device. Because environmental probes do not need IP addresses, they would not be considered devices.

Power IQ helps you become more effective in power capacity management and efficient in energy consumption by:

  • Automatically power cycling device groups by day and time
  • Enforcing energy saving initiatives such as, "all test bed servers are to be shutdown before 11PM"
    • Soft enforcement first with energy consumption reports
    • Hard enforcement with scheduled power control
  • Using temperature charts to avoid overcooling
  • Driving behavior with energy cost bill-back reports 
  • Using decommission flags to forecast energy savings when eliminating servers
  • Measuring baseline consumption and tracking changes of various energy saving initiatives
  • Identifying stranded power capacity within your existing infrastructure so you can reduce capital expenditures
  • Simplifying PX configuration and firmware management

Plus security is ensured with standards-based authentication, Web session timeout and IP-based access control.

Through a single web browser, our highly scalable Power IQ manages Raritan, APC®, Avocent®, Cyber Switching®, Geist, HP®, MRV and Server Technology® Ethernet-enabled, metered and switched rack PDUs, as well as in-line meters.  And because the system is open database compliant (ODBC), it can be integrated with your current reporting system.




Consumption Trends and Cumulative Total Reports for Energy, Cost and Carbon Footprint

Easily generate consumption reports for customers or internal departments.

Carbon Footprint Certificate Reports

Certify usage change from one period to another to support carbon credit claims.

Exception Reports

Find stranded power capacity.

Trending, Maximum & Minimum Reports – Temperature, Humidity, Active Power, Line Current

Provide an at-a-glance view of the power and environmental trends of IT devices, racks and branch circuits to avoid project delays and downtime due to lack of power supply or circuit overloads.

Multi-Vendor Power Control

Remote Power On/Off of Outlets, IT Devices, Device Groups and Racks

Operational efficiency.

Automated Load Shedding

Reduces energy costs under normal operations and extends battery life during power failure.

Multi-Vendor Data Aggregation and Grouping

Group Data Via IT Device, Customer/Department, Rack, Row, Zone and Building

Turns a large amount of detailed data into useful information to enhance capacity planning and energy efficiency initiatives.

Collect Power Data: Outlet Current and Active Power; Line Current Draw and Available Current; Unit Active Power and Apparent Power

Use one system for information aggregation.

Collect Environmental Data from PXTM Temperature and Humidity Probes

Find hot spots in your data center.

User Configurable Polling

The data polling can be configured from 15 seconds to 24 hours.

User Configurable Data Retention

System administrator can control data retention period.

Open Data Model and Web Service API

Open Database Connectivity

Provides you with the flexibility to use your own reporting system, such as Crystal reports or SQL, to store and analyze data. This can save training time and lets you create the exact custom reports you require.

Web Service API

Easily integrate to your systems and tools. Build your own customer applications for power control.

Import and Export Data Via CSV File

Leverage data and information between systems and organizations.

Rack PDU Management

Centralized Management

Consolidates names, polling status, locations, models and firmware onto one screen and saves valuable management time.

Bulk PX System Configuration

Saves time and improves accuracy configuring outlet names and common parameters for 1 to 1,000 PX devices. Also allows you to save outlet names in an Excel® file for future reference and updates.

PX Firmware Management

Power IQ reduces the time it takes to administer PX firmware updates because it helps track and distribute those updates.


LDAP/AD Integration

Easily centralizes corporate authentication policies.

Trusted Host Definition

Our 100% Web-enabled system provides administrators with the option to restrict access to named hosts if such a level of security is desired.

AES Encryption up to 256 Bits

Protects your data with the industry’s most secure encryption standard.


VMware® Virtual Appliance

Runs on your VMware ESX or free VMware ESXi to save time, space and energy.

Optional Appliance for Non-VMware Enterprises

For organizations that don’t have VMware and don’t want to download the free VMware ESXi.

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